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About Mackeson

Mackeson is a full-bodied milk stout that is “not too sweet and not too bitter,” with alc/vol: 4.9%.

It has strong and distinctive values that appeals to a multi-ethnic society, communicating energy, stamina, masculinity, smoothness and session ability.

It is primarily directed to young adult males who are fitness-conscious and enjoys socializing, (Generation Next).

The brand promises to identify with the strength and confidence of the consumer and take him to the “max” in various aspects of his life - delivering satisfaction, energy and pleasure (3 times the pleasure).

Its distinctive red, black and silver branding on all packaging signals the strength, power and masculinity of the brand. Mackeson – “Takes you to the Max.”

Mackeson Triple Stout

The history of Mackeson Triple Stout began in Hythe , Kent ; one of Britain 's famous “cinque ports”. It was at the Hythe Brewery during the nineteenth century that the Mackeson brothers – William and Henry – started to brew the beer that was to make their family name famous around the world. While the Hythe brewery has long since closed, visitors to Hythe can still see the Mackeson family Vault at the local churchyard and the Mackeson name is remembered on local street signs.

Originally essentially a Kentish beer with few aspirations to reach consumers beyond the south of England , Mackeson Triple Stout became a “national” – and later an international – brand when the Mackeson brewery was acquired by Whitbread during the 1920's. Now owned by the InBev, the Mackeson brand continues to be brewed in the UK and is also produced in the Caribbean by Carib Brewery and in the USA .

Mackeson Triple Stout is a “milk stout”; produced using lactose (also known as “milk sugar”). It is the use of lactose in the brewing process that gives Mackeson the “creamy” characteristic that makes the beer so different to the more widely known “dry stouts” and has ensured the continuing support of consumers around the world.

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