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History of Brewing in T&T

The brewing of beer in Trinidad and Tobago was inherited from the British. The first commercial brewery was founded just after World War 1 although there had been legislation as early as August 1899 concerning the regulation of brewing.

It is known that a Mr. Walters began the brewing of beer on a commercial scale just after World War 1 with a capacity around 3000-5000 hectoliters a year, which is extremely small by today's comparisons. Walters' Trinidad Brewing Company produced Royal Lion Ale, Royal Extra Stout and Black Velvet Stout during the depression years.

After the war, Sir Gerald Wight, then Chairman of Alstons and Company Limited (now McEnearney Alstons Limited), saw the need and opportunity to expand local industry from the traditional sugar and oil-based economy. He pushed for the establishment of a new brewery and a Glassworks factory and in July of 1947, the Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) was formed with Sir Gerald Wight as its Chairman. The Brewery started with an initial payroll of seven (7) persons.

In September 1950, the Brewery launched its own beer, Carib Lager beer, before which foreign imported beers were available to the population. However, with the advent of Carib, the imported beers began to disappear from the market, as Carib's popularity increased. In 1957, CDC acquired the brewing plant and interests of Walters' Brewery. By 1957, therefore, CDC was the sole brewer and bottler of beer and stout in Trinidad.

In 1972, the Brewery acquired more land and brewhouse equipment, increasing its capacity to over 250,000hl per year. It expanded its product range into the dark malt drink market launching Malta Carib in 1973. This was the first non-alcoholic drink to be produced by the Brewery, directed to health conscious individuals. Next, followed Shandy Carib in 1985, which was an effort to capitalize on the popular indigenous custom of mixing beer and other flavoured drinks.

As early as 1983 the brewery facilities were expanded to facilitate the increasing demand locally, as well as exports to international destinations. New brands and flavours, (including Stag Lager beer, Smalta and Shandy Lime), were developed and launched over time, moving the company from one pinnacle of success to another.

The Brewery has over time, formed partnerships with International Companies such as Guinness, Interbrew, Carlsberg, Ginseng-Up Corp and Diageo, and as a result several international brands are produced under license for local and export consumption. These include Guinness stout, Mackeson stout, Ginseng-Up, Carlsberg beer and Smirnoff Ice.

Contact Information

Eastern Main Road,
Champs Fleurs,
Trinidad, W.I.

(868) 645 - BEER (2337)
(868) 662 2231-37

Fax Numbers      
(868) 663 - 1780
Customs Dept
(868) 645 - 7417
(868) 662 - 6173
(868) 645 - 4911
Marketing Dept./Export Dept.
(868) 638 - 5564
Southern Depot
(868) 652 - 2742
Sponsorship & Events Exports Enquiries Human Resources
40 Cipero road, Gooding Village Cross Crossing, San Fernando
(868) 652 - 4008
(868) 653 - 4011


Carib Brewery (St Kitts & Nevis) Limited
Business Profile

Carib Brewery (St Kitts & Nevis) Limited, is St Kitts - Nevis’ leading alcoholic beverages Manufacturer. The company employs over a 100 persons and was incorporated in 1960 as St Kitts Breweries Ltd. The name of the company was changed in 1997 to its present name. The company is involved primarily in the manufacture and distribution of Beer, Stouts, Malts and soft drinks and also distributes cigarettes. The Brewery has a fully automated brew house and new bottling line and yeast plant. The company continues to be a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. The company’s support for youth and the various communities in sporting, educational and cultural activities is unmatched and unwavering.

Products and Services

Manufactured and distributed products – Carib Lager, Stag Lager, Skol Lager, Guinness Stout, Mackeson Stout, Royal Extra Stout, Vita Malt, Giant Malt, Smalta, Ting Grapefruit beverage, Peardrella, Cidrella, Ginseng Up, Juicy Beverages
Distributed products – Carlsberg Beer, Smirnoff Ice and British American Tobacco products (BAT- Cigarettes)

Contact Information

Buckley’s Site,
P.O. Box 1113
St Kitts, West Indies.
Tel: (869) 465-2309/2903
Fax: (869) 465-0902


Mark A Wilkin
Managing Director - Brewing Sector

Ancel Sookhai
Chief Financial Officer - Brewing Sector

Linkon Maynard
Plant Manager - Brewing Sector



Carib Brewery (Grenada) Limited
Business Profile

In 1960 the Caribbean Development Company Limited of Trinidad, formed Grenada Breweries Limited, a public company located in Grenada, West Indies. At its inaugural board meeting, the late W.E. Julien, a prominent Grenadian businessman and planter, was elected Chairman. The majority ownership of Grenada Breweries changed twice over the years - in 1969 the Government of Grenada and subsequently in 1994 Guinness PLC became the majority shareholders. In 2002, ANSA McAL Limited purchased Diageo PLC’s majority interest and Grenada Breweries returned to the Group.

The company started production with Carib Lager in 1961; and other major beer brands soon followed, including Giant Malt and Guinness Stout. In 1991, a second bottling line was installed to meet increasing demand and to add soft drink production, which included Vita Malt. In June 2005, the Brewery was licensed to produce Carlsberg Lager; as well as Ginseng Up and Carib Shandy. An additional investment of over TT$60 million in state of the art plant and machinery was made to ensure its competitiveness within the world arena. The brewery employs approximately 140 persons and is one of the premier sponsors in the promotion of sports, culture and education in Grenada.

Products and Services
Manufactured and distributed products: Carib Lager, Carlsberg Lager, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Shandy Carib, Ginseng-Up (non-alcoholic), Maxi Malt, Vita Malt, Malta Carib, Ting (grapefruit beverage), and Juicy Cool beverages.
Distributed products: Pepsi, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, Slice and Smirnoff Ice.
Contact Information
Grand Anse,
St. George's,
Grenada, West Indies
Tel: (473) 444-4248
Fax: (473) 444-4842

Ron Antoine
Managing Director

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